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In 1986, the first version of Harvard Graphics was released (then known as Harvard Presentation Graphics). Harvard Graphics was the first presentation graphics program to include text, graphs and charts in one program. Harvard Graphics made it easy for people to put together presentations with text slides, charts based on numeric data, and graphics drawn with various tools. In the early years of these applications, the results were typically sent to a slide printer or a color plotter to use in making transparencies. Over time, capabilities were added to present slide shows from the program itself.

The first version of Harvard Graphics was a DOS-based application. Over the years, Harvard Graphics has received top honors in numerous reviews of presentation graphics programs for Intel-compatible computers. In 1991, Harvard Graphics was ported to Windows. Reviews through this period often favored Harvard Graphics as being the most powerful.

Harvard Graphics has continued its tradition through the years as the best solution for communicating and presenting your information to the world. As technology has advanced, Harvard Graphics has evolved to meet the demanding needs of the business community. Many professionals, both past and present, depend on Harvard Graphics to provide the cutting edge needed to rise above the competition. Now it's your turn to let Harvard Graphics forge your place at the top.

In 2001, Serif Incorporated, developers of easy to use software such as web design software, desktop publishing software and photo editing software, acquired the exclusive marketing rights to all Harvard Graphics products. Serif Incorporated provides complete support solutions for all Harvard Graphics customers. For more information on Serif Incorporated, please visit our Web site at: http://www.serif.com.

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